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Guide to Preparing an Awesome Lawn Care Business Plan

December 5, 2019


Like everything else in life, success requires planning. If you are thinking about starting a lawn care business, planning is crutial. A well-designed lawn care business plan comes into play as it lays the foundation for a successful company. And, if you’ve been in business for years, preparing this plan will shed light on where you stand with regards to your goals and competitors.

It’ll also help you plan for the future growth of your business more so if you already have a long list of clients under your belt. This article takes you through the preparation process of an awesome lawn care business plan.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a snapshot of your business plan and highlights the main strengths. While it’s the first section to be read, it’s ironically the last section to be written. The reason behind this seemingly bizarre logic is that it’s only after fully developing the plan that you’ll be able to concisely sum up the Executive Summary.

You’ll want to shift your focus to your relevant background and experience in the lawn care sector. This is where you can delve into the journey that’s steered you towards starting this type of business.

You’ll also need to show that you’ve conducted your due diligence by sharing your knowledge of the lawn care industry. So, this entails explaining to the reader how your business will successfully fill the gaps in this sector.


Here, you objectively describe the concept of your lawn care business and include the following:

  • Mission
  • The specialty of your business
  • A description of the products or services offered
  • Information about the lawn care sector
  • Status of your business (start-up or expanding)
  • Present and future objectives
You’ll need to paint a vivid picture of your company’s potential, coupled with facts that bolster the high likelihood of its success. However, you’ll need to do so in a manner that gets the reader amped up without revealing too much too soon.

As you craft your description, ensure that it’s a good answer to this important question: What is it about your lawn care business that’ll make customers come to you instead of your competitors?

Market Analysis

A crucial aspect of your business plan is the marketing component. Irrespective of the quality of services offered, your lawn care business can get lost in the clutter of marketing and reaching new customers. If you don’t know your clientele, how will they find your business? Well, all this begins will conducting some research.

So, this entails asking yourself, "who is my target market"?

This is essential because anyone and everyone with a lawn is a broad market to cover.

Therefore, you want to narrow it down by factoring the questions below to see right where you fit in the vast lawn care industry.

  • What need does your business fulfill?
  • What is your ideal customer?
  • What are the demographics of your ideal customers? Here is where factors such as age bracket, income, and services offered, come into play.
  • Is your competition well-established in your jurisdiction, or are you launching a business in a growing industry?
  • Who are your biggest competitors in the lawn care sector? What is their pricing for similar services you offer?
  • What are the selling points that would make clients choose you over your competition in the business?

Management and Organization

From ownership to the organizational structure, this encompasses the framework of your lawn care business. So, it offers an in-depth explanation of the responsibilities and roles involved. This section is subdivided into two.

The organizational structure

Here, you lay out a visual representation of your company’s structure with inserted job descriptions where necessary. A reader should be able to visually comprehend the individuals responsible for each job description, along with their subsequent roles. Additionally, the structure unveils organizational redundancies (if any) that you may have otherwise been oblivious to.

Ownership Information

Here, you discuss the type of legal structure that your lawn care business has or intends to have in the future. For example: Is the lawn care business a partnership or sole proprietorship?


Now that you are aware of your competitors and have zeroed in on potential customers, it’s time to come up with a pricing structure for your business. After all, raking in healthy returns is what will keep your business afloat, otherwise it will take a nosedive.

So, profits need to be prioritized when it comes to determining the pricing of your services. For its optimization, you’ll need to factor in the value you’re offering prospective clients.

Financial Plan

This is where your entire lawn care business plan comes together like a puzzle to tell a story of the possible successful outcome. Financial plans include sales forecasts, personnel costs, and a budget for expenditure. As a result, you’re able to set objectives and ensure the drastic growth of your business.

Without a financial plan, you may not realize when your business is stalling due to not breaking even. So, a financial plan helps you stay on track.

Getting Your Ducks Are Now In a Row

Preparing a lawn care business plan is an amazing exercise that’ll make you think about the bigger picture from the get-go. Moreover, it’s a way to set a more solid course of action to take if your business is already up and running.

It’s easy to get so sucked in your day-to-day that you forget to keenly and equally analyze all the components of your business. Once you get the planning out of the way, your ducks are in a row.

And, as they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. So, with an awesome lawn care business plan in hand, it’s time to go out there with confidence, knowing that you can handle anything the industry throws at you.